s actually quite touched.

“By the way, Du Luo, Su Bei has terminated her contract with the company.
She took out ten million yuan in one go…” Actually, Su Huixian was a little jealous.
She had just gotten into trouble when Su Bei immediately terminated her contract.

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It was easy to imagine that Su Bei had already been disloyal.

Maybe she had been preparing to terminate her contract for a long time.
No wonder she could find out about Doctor Chen.
It must be because she had a new company backing her up.

Du Luo had the same thought.
‘She actually paid ten million yuan for the penalty fee.
I wonder who gave it to her.’

Su Huixian thought about her own future prospects.
With the support of the Du family, things would definitely improve for her.

However, when she thought of the ten million yuan that she had spent on Doctor Chen, she felt depressed for a long time.
She could not find out the truth behind where that money went.

However, Su Huixian could only comfort herself that she could always earn more money after losing it.
She could not let this matter continue to be revealed in the public.
Otherwise, the scandal that she had worked so hard to suppress would come back to light.

Du Luo planned to celebrate investing in Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

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This way, not only would the company’s reputation grow but it could also allow Su Huixian’s popularity to rise.
At the same time, it could also appease her fans who were still persisting.

He arranged everything with his assistant.
“Do everything according to the plan.
We have to make this investment into a piece of good news that’ll encourage everyone.”

Su Huixian also arranged for Qiu Minxuan to be there.
“Du Luo will publicize the investment this time, so we can’t neglect it.
Invite all the employees in the company.
Also, prepare a few new dresses for me.”

Everything was arranged.

At the same time.

Lu Weijian was also discussing with Lu Heting about celebrating with Su Bei.

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