Chapter 377: Only The Chef Knows

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The orchestras had already left the stage, but everyone was still immersed in the perfect performances from earlier.

Su Bei returned to her seat while everyone looked at her.

Someone approached Su Bei and whispered to her.
At this moment, it was an honor to be able to talk to her.

Surprised by the situation tonight, Tang Xinru looked at Su Bei but did not dare to ask her anything.

She also knew in her heart that there were many companies that wanted to poach Su Bei.
Lu Weijian had personally tried to poach Su Bei before.
If she had signed on to Lu Group, then it would explain how these two famous orchestras were invited to tonight’s event.

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Tang Xinru nodded.
It seemed that Su Bei was more valuable than she had imagined.

Su Huixian said to Qiu Minxuan, “Go and ask when that world-class dish will be served.”

“Okay,” Qiu Minxuan said quickly.
She knew that if they wanted to save Su Huixian’s dignity, they had to rely on this dish.


Besides, such top-quality dishes would definitely be served to the guests by the top chef himself.

Although top-quality food would not be able to defeat the top-notch music earlier, it could slightly offset the embarrassment.

Qiu Minxuan rushed to the kitchen at the back.
However, the kitchen did not let her in.
Zhu Fenfen had only heard the menu earlier by accident.

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Now that the kitchen was preparing the dishes, no outsider was allowed to enter.

“May I ask if the bluefin tuna is ready? When will it be served? Who ordered it?”

“Our chef has just taken the fish out.
As for who ordered this dish, I’m sorry but we don’t know.”

Qiu Minxuan asked, “Then who are you preparing it for?”

“Only the chef knows that.”

Hearing this, Qiu Minxuan immediately called Su Huixian to tell her that she should not make another mistake.

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However, Su Huixian did not answer the call.

At this moment, the top chef had already walked into Hall 5 using a special passage with the dish in his hand.

Su Huixian stood up.
This time, she had learned her lesson.
She did not go forward to receive the dish.
Instead, she observed the chef’s actions.

The head chef was dressed in clean attire and his hair was neatly combed.
He looked gentle and refined, looking more like a professor instead of a chef.

He was walking behind a number of his assistants.
Like him, they all walked in an orderly manner while carrying silver plates.

As per the traditions of S Country, the most exquisite things were always saved for the last.
Since the head chef was at the back, the food on his plate was definitely the best.

“This is…” Su Huixian said cautiously.

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One of the head chef’s assistants stepped forward and said with a smile, “This is the premium deep-sea bluefin tuna.
Luo made reservations for this.
Now, I would like to present it to you.”

Hearing the words ‘Mr.
Luo’, Su Huixian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Some people in the crowd were already whispering to each other.
“Wow, it’s premium deep-sea bluefin tuna.
I had the honor of eating it in Europe once.
It costs almost 700 to 800 euros for a small piece.
But there’s a reason why it’s expensive.
When I ate it, I felt so happy that I couldn’t forget it for days.”

“Is it really that amazing?”

“Of course! Unfortunately, the fish isn’t easily obtained.
Usually, it’s only available to the world’s richest people.
Even if I had the money, it’d be difficult for me to buy it.
I’ll be having a good meal tonight.
Luo is too generous.”

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