At this moment, the fragrance of the fish made them salivate.
Even the people who hated fish the most could not help wanting to have a taste of it as soon as possible.

The reporters, who had not eaten much, felt even more uncomfortable.
Why were they so hungry all of a sudden?

The sound of gulping sounded from all directions.

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Su Huixian pursed her lips and smiled.
“Everyone, please eat.”

Some began to move their chopsticks while others sighed with satisfaction.
The meat that was worth thousands of yuan was really delicious.

With each bite of fish, they could imagine money getting swallowed down into their stomachs—and a lot of money too.

The guests were very satisfied with their food, and they felt differently about Du Luo and Su Huixian now.
They were willing to spend so much time and effort just to entertain their guests.
This not only showed their dedication but also how much they valued their guests.

Not only were the guests’ appetites satisfied but also their hearts.

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Actually, there was not a lot of fish on each plate.
Hence, the guests could only enjoy a small piece each and ended up finishing the food quickly.

It was not until they finished eating when they realized the head chef was still behind all his assistants.

All of a sudden, everyone remembered that the head chef was holding the best dish tonight.
It should be the most tender, fragrant, and softest meat taken from the fish’s cheeks.
It was also the most expensive and most difficult to get.
In the whole world, it was something that could not be bought with money.

Looking at the plate held by the head chef, it was obvious that the portion was small.
They wondered which table he would serve it to.

Everyone turned to look at the main table.
Du Luo, Su Huixian, and several CEOs who were the most important partners of Qian Yu Entertainment Company were seated there..
It was the most prestigious table.

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