ered by us.
Is the dish in your hand not ours?” Su Huixian was confused.

She was so happy that she did not notice that the chef was no longer walking toward her and her guests.

Obviously, she had not learned her lesson yet.

“Miss Su, Mr.
Luo indeed ordered premium deep-sea bluefin tuna from us.
Those dishes were all prepared by my assistants.”

Hearing the chef’s words, everyone looked forward to the delicious food in his hands even more.

It turned out that the top-notch food they had just now was cooked by his assistants.

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Would the food made by the head chef not be more delicious?

The chef continued, “But the dish in my hand was specially ordered by a customer for Miss Su Bei.
That’s why I’m here today.”

Su Huixian felt like she had been slapped in the face.

Caught off guard, she started seeing stars and trembled all over again.

If it were not for Du Luo holding her, she would have really fallen to the floor on the spot.
However, she had to keep a professional smile on her face.
She barely kept up her appearance in front of the guests.

With that, the chef walked toward Su Bei’s table with the food in his hands.

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Su Bei hurriedly stood up and expressed her gratitude and respect to the chef.

The chef put down the dish on the table and said, “Miss Su, the ingredients were all specially flown in from Europe today.
They were delivered in the afternoon and were still alive, so you can trust that the food is fresh.
This dish is for you and your friends.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work,” Su Bei replied politely.

“You’re welcome.
Miss Su, I hope you and your friends like it.
Please try it and see if it suits your taste…”

Although Tang Xinru was the vice president of Sheng Tang, it was obviously her first time seeing such food.
After taking a bite, she felt as though her body and mind had been greatly nourished.

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