yourself,” Da Bao said and added, “Also, you can definitely do it!”

“For sure!” Su Bei blew him a kiss.

Watching her running away, Da Bao put down his toothbrush, took out his iPad, and tapped on it.

A question appeared on the screen, “Do you want to continue to invade the financial system of Lu Group?”

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He clicked on the word “Continue.”

He would like to know what kind of person Lu Heting was.

Only two people from Qian Yu Entertainment Company got into the second round of the test.
One was Su Bei, and the other was Su Huixian.
The company had high expectations of them and even arranged a professional instructor to train them.


Su Bei and Su Huixian had been working hard to prepare for the test.

The instructor couldn’t help but praise them with a smile, “Huixian and Su Bei, you are both doing a good job.
I hope you can maintain your performance during the second-round test.”

Qiu Minxuan smiled and asked, “Instructor, what do you think of Huixian’s performance? Do you think she can pass the second-round test and become a formal member of the show?”

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Qiu Minxuan knew Su Huixian’s preferences very well.
Su Huixian liked listening to other people’s praises, so she meant to flatter Su Huixian.

The instructor smiled and replied, “I have great hopes for her.
She just needs to keep working on it.”

However, his eyes fell on Su Bei for a few more seconds.
From his professional perspective, Su Bei was more suitable for the show.
She had better physical conditions and more inimitable symbols.

Generally, inimitable symbols deviated from people’s aesthetic standards easily.
But Su Bei was outstandingly beautiful.
That was why he really appreciated her excellent conditions.

As for walking on the runway, Su Bei was clearly the superior person as well.

In order not to offend Su Huixian, the instructor responded politely.
But the subtle look in his eyes made Su Huixian realize Su Bei’s overwhelming advantage.

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