it was a pity to not use the rest of the fish.
Besides, all the ingredients used were of premium quality.
They were considered the best ingredients in the whole hotel.
Hence, they kept the remaining ingredients for their customers or employees.

Of course, the big shot did not care about these trivial things.
After all, they did not want the ingredients, so the staff could deal with them however they wanted.

It just so happened that Du Luo’s assistant was the one who ordered the dishes.
He had asked them for the most expensive menu and use only good ingredients that could impress others.

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The hotel introduced Du Luo’s assistant to a lot of ingredients, but the assistant was not satisfied.
In other words, he felt that the hotel did not have anything good.

In the end, the hotel had no choice but to tell him about this batch of tuna.
The assistant immediately asked Du Luo for his opinion and he decided to make the reservation.

That was why the current situation was like this.

It was not the assistant’s fault.
Du Luo and Su Huixian were too demanding.

Of course, the hotel also did not expect Su Huixian to humiliate herself in front of the head chef.
The head chef had appeared last to serve Su Bei the dish.
Firstly, it was indeed because he was carrying the best dish of the night.
Secondly, the hotel wanted to preserve some of Su Huixian’s dignity and avoid embarrassing her.

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In the end, Su Huixian still sought her own doom by approaching the chef first.

Hearing the discussion among the guests, Su Huixian also realized that the tuna she had eaten just now was indeed the leftover ingredients from the dish served to Su Bei’s table.

Her face turned deathly pale.
“Du Luo, our arrangements today…”

Du Luo also braced himself.
When he heard Su Huixian’s question, he could not hide the embarrassment in his voice.
“Continue to entertain the guests.
You have to finish what you started

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