out a second dress for you.”

“Well, how about this? Give this gown to Jiali and get another one for Su Bei.
I don’t want Su Bei to steal Jiali’s limelight,” Jian Ping said with a smile.
“You’re well aware of Jiali’s position and reputation in Sheng Tang.
Our cooperation is not only limited to this one time either.
Don’t you agree with me, Manager Xiang?”

After weighing the pros and cons, he finally agreed.

He worked with Jian Ping more than he did with Yue Ze, so they had a good relationship.

The manager would just give Su Bei a slightly inferior evening gown.
This way, she would not offend Jian Ping or Yue Ze.
It was the best of both worlds.

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Soon, Manager Xiang came back with a dress that was slightly inferior to the previous one.
He handed it to Xiao Lan and said, “Pass the good one to Jiali.
This one is for Su Bei.”

Carrying the other gown, Xiao Lan went to the dressing room where Su Bei and Lv Shan were.

Xiao Lan was not supposed to care about the fact that Jian Ping stole Su Bei’s evening gown, but she felt sorry for Su Bei.
u Bei had lost what should have been hers without even knowing it.

Xiao Lan did not know if she should tell Su Bei about this.

She knocked on the door and walked in.

“The gown is here.” Lv Shan stepped forward and took the gown.

Xiao Lan said, “Miss Su, Lv Shan, you can try it on first.
If there are any minor flaws, I can help you fix them immediately.”

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Su Bei smiled and said, “Then I’ll have to ask you to wait a moment for me.
How should I address you?”

“Just call me Xiao Lan.”

“Xiao Lan, have a drink.” Su Bei handed her a beverage and then went to change with Lv Shan.

This gown from YS was very good.
Lv Shan looked at it over and over again, loving it so much.

Xiao Lan kept clenching her fists as though she was in the middle of making a difficult decision.
Her eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

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