d her influence and status to get another evening gown for Hao Jiali.
It was even better than YS’ latest design.
She wanted to suppress Su Bei so that she would be defeated by Hao Jiali during her first appearance upon joining Sheng Tang.

Lv Shan said, “Then let me get another gown for you.”

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With her connections, she could still get clothes but she might not be able to get a gown from a brand that was comparable to YS.

“No need, Lv Shan.
I have a suitable one at home.
I’m currently putting in a request on the app to get a delivery man to pick it up and bring it to me.”

Su Bei immediately called Lu Heting.
“Heting, have you gotten off work?”

“Yes, I just got home.
Is your event over so soon?”

“No, there’s something wrong with my evening gown.
I have a gown that was gifted to me by a brand at home.
I’ve gotten a delivery man to pick it up for me.
Just open the door later and pass the gown to him.
I’ll send you a picture of it.”

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.
“What’s wrong with the evening gown you’re supposed to wear?”

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Su Bei briefly explained what had happened.
“I don’t want to wear the clothes that others have touched.
They want to suppress me, but I won’t let them have it their way.”

“Protect yourself, clothes aren’t a big deal.”

“Hahaha, you worry too much, Mr.
They’re just making an issue over my gown.
How dare they break the law and lay a hand on me?”

Lu Heting chuckled.
He really did not know what to do with her.
No matter how difficult the situation was, she could still maintain such a good attitude.

He personally called the person in charge of YS and told them that there was a problem with the evening gown YS had sent to Su Bei today.
He asked for a solution.

The person in charge of YS did not expect Lu Heting to call him.
Although he had never seen Lu Heting before and did not know his position in Lu Group, he knew that this phone number belonged to the person in charge of Lu Group.

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