ing gown and walk on the red carpet.

Tang Xinru nodded.
“I see.
I’ll talk to Jian Ping.
Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.”

“Okay,” Su Bei replied calmly.

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However, Tang Xinru knew that it was not a misunderstanding.

She had been in Sheng Tang for a long time.
She knew that Jian Ping had become more and more arrogant.
With Hao Jiali as her backer, she thought she had the right to go against the company.

She did not expect that Jian Ping would suppress the new artists in the company and even defame Su Bei for her own personal gain.

It was just as she had expected.

It seemed that Su Bei would give them a resounding slap tonight.

Tang Xinru found Jian Ping.

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Jian Ping smiled and said, “President Tang, Su Bei is too arrogant.
One of the staff members from YS came to deliver the evening gown to us tonight but she accidentally mixed up hers and Jiali’s.
When we found out about it, we went to exchange the gowns.
But Su Bei was a little unhappy and thought that we did it on purpose.”

“Really?” Tang Xinru asked.

“Of course, we didn’t do it on purpose.
The staff of YS is so busy.
They have to deliver clothes to so many artists every day.
Sometimes, they make a mistake, and everyone will understand.
I didn’t expect that Su Bei would actually change evening gowns at the last minute.
She didn’t even report it to the company, so she’s now in a passive position.
Those who know the industry will think that she made a mistake.
But those outsiders might say that it was the company’s mistake that’s causing Su Bei to take the blame now.”

Tang Xinru thought that Jian Ping did not seem to think that she had done anything wrong tonight and was even trying to smooth things over and shirk responsibility.

She said meaningfully, “Su Bei’s mistake is a small matter.
But if someone is taking the opportunity to stir up trouble, it won’t be a simple matter anymore.
Since it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll ask Yue Ze to solve it.”

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