Chapter 397: A Lifetime Of Luck

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“Tell the company about the evening gown?” Xiao Lan was confused.
To be honest, she was just a small-time staff member who delivered clothes.
She had not said anything.
Even if she did, no one would believe her.

Su Bei was preparing to go home and did not hear what Xiao Lan was muttering.

After packing her things, she said goodbye to Lv Shan and Xiao Lan before heading out.
She put on her sunglasses and mask.

Su Bei had learned a lot about disguise from Feng Feifei, so she was very good at it now.
She did not need to worry about being recognized.

However, not long after she walked out of the door, a car followed her and honked behind her.

Su Bei turned around and was surprised to find that it was Lu Heting.
She could not help but smile and run over to the car.

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“How did you recognize me?” Su Bei asked curiously after getting in the car.

“My intuition.” Lu Heting did not know why, but he knew that it must be her.
Hence, he followed her.
“And I called you, but you didn’t answer.”

“Oh, I forgot that it’s on silent mode.
I was afraid that it would ring on the red carpet, so I kept it on silent.
I’m sorry.
Did you wait for a long time?”

“No,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.
He was willing to wait no matter how long it took.
“You performed well tonight, and your gown was beautiful.
You’re even more beautiful.”

Holding her face in her hands, a smile appeared on Su Bei’s red lips.
“Really? Even you’re saying that.”

“Because it’s the truth.”

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“Actually, I was lucky to have YS’ support today.
The brand is really quick on its feet when it comes to problem-solving.
As soon as something happened to me, they immediately arranged for a designer to deal with it.
Maybe Xiao Lan, the one who sent me the gown, reported it to the company.”

Lu Heting agreed.
“They indeed work fast.”

He told them to solve the problem within 20 minutes and they did.

Otherwise, Su Bei would have worn the evening gown brought to her by the delivery man.

“That’s why I’m really lucky.
I’m lucky to be able to turn the tides after such a thing happened,” Su Bei said happily.

A faint smile appeared on Lu Heting’s thin lips.
‘Is it your luck that you met me?

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‘If so, I’m willing to be your lucky star.

‘And you’ll be my lifetime of luck.’

The two of them got along well with each other, so they had a tacit understanding.
When they went home together while chatting, they really looked like an ordinary couple.

“By the way, I want to talk to you about the two children’s studies,” Lu Heting said as he opened the door.

“Yes, I nearly forgot.
It’s almost September.”

Time passed quickly.
It had been almost four months since Su Bei came back with Da Bao.

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Lu Heting nodded.
“Ordinary children have to go to kindergarten at the age of three.
But Gun Gun’s body was a little weak before this, so he took a year off to recover.
As for Da Bao…”

Da Bao was too smart.
Lu Heting decided to ask for his opinion.

Su Bei also felt that she should discuss Da Bao’s matter with him first.
Hence, she said, “Then let’s find a time to sit down and discuss it with the family.
Since they’re all asleep now, we won’t wake them up.”

“Well, you’re tired too.
Go to bed early,” Lu Heting said gently.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Su Bei walked toward her room.

With her around, the whole house felt warm and harmonious.
It calmed his heart greatly.

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