p>Gun Gun did not really like the Liao family.
Only his impression of Liao Xintong was better.
Every time he came, he only hung out with her alone.

Liao Xintong was also happy to build a good relationship with him.

As soon as he arrived, Liao Xintong hurriedly gave him all kinds of delicious snacks and fun toys.
She hoped that Gun Gun would like them and want to come look for her more often in the future.

“Thank you,” Gun Gun said politely.

He already had all these toys.
He was not pleased to see them here.

The food was not as delicious as Bei Bei’s food either.
After taking two bites, he stopped eating.

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“Are they not to your taste, Gun Gun? Do you want something else?” Liao Xintong asked gently.

Gun Gun politely said, “No need.
I’m full.”

“Gun Gun, look at this picture book.
Every family here has a daddy, mommy, and children.
Let’s read this story together, okay?”

After reading the story to Gun Gun, she smiled gently and asked, “Gun Gun, do you like this story?”

“Yes, I like it.”

“Gun Gun, can you call me ‘Mommy’ from now on? Mommy will read you this story every day, okay?”

Gun Gun’s face darkened.
Mommy? Did she want to live with him and Daddy?

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He used to wish for a gentle mommy whenever it was his birthday because all the other children had a mommy.

After Bei Bei showed up though, he no longer had that wish.
It seemed that it did not matter anymore.

Gun Gun looked at Liao Xintong and asked, “Aren’t you my aunt? Why do I have to call you ‘Mommy’?”

“Because you’re my favorite person.
I want to be your mommy,” Liao Xintong said gently, “Gun Gun, do you want me to be your mommy?”

Gun Gun did not know what was going on but he felt a little uncomfortable.
Although she was quite good-looking, she seemed to speak with hidden meanings.

Lu Heting was thinking, ‘No.’

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