h Daddy and could not be his wife.


Bei Bei was his ideal type, so she could not be his mommy.
Hence, he had to let another woman be his mommy.
That meant that he could only let Liao Xintong be his mommy for the time being.

If Lu Heting had Liao Xintong, he would not take Bei Bei away from him.

His wife was more important, so he had to settle for second-best for his mommy.

Besides Liao Xintong, he did not know anyone else.

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After making up his mind, Gun Gun called Liao Xintong.

Liao Xintong did not expect that Gun Gun would take the initiative to call her.
She answered the phone with some surprise.
“Gun Gun.”

“I’ll call you ‘Mommy’.”


“Gun Gun!” Liao Xintong was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.
She did not notice that there was no joy in Gun Gun’s voice at all.
Instead, there was only coldness and helplessness in his voice.

Regardless, Liao Xintong was overjoyed.
Now that she had won over Gun Gun, winning over Lu Heting would be an easier task!

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“I’m hanging up.
Goodbye.” Gun Gun hung up quickly.

He felt uncomfortable talking to Liao Xintong.

Even after hanging up the phone, Gun Gun still felt very uncomfortable.
Bei Bei had said that whether it was his mommy or his wife, he had to choose the woman he liked.

However, the only woman he liked was Bei Bei.
He could not do anything about it.

However, when he heard himself say the word ‘Mommy’ so easily, he felt suffocated and uncomfortable.
He was sitting on the carpet by the bed, feeling like he had let someone down.
However, he did not know whom he had let down.
This feeling was so uncomfortable.

When Su Bei heard Gun Gun calling Liao Xintong his mommy, the sadness in her heart burst out uncontrollably.

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