s lit up.
“Brother Da Bao, do you want to go to kindergarten with me? Let’s do it.
Let’s do it!”

Da Bao shook his head.
“I don’t plan to go to kindergarten.”

“Brother Da Bao, is it because you don’t like me so you don’t want to be with me?” Gun Gun lowered his head.

Da Bao patted his head.
“I like you, but I can’t go to kindergarten with you.
I want to go straight to primary school.”

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“Can I go straight to primary school as well?”

“You can’t play with toys in primary school.
You have to do a lot of homework as well.”

“Then I’ll… go to kindergarten first.” Gun Gun shrank his neck and made up his mind after hesitating for a while.

The two adults then decided that Gun Gun would go to kindergarten as normal.

Meanwhile, Da Bao would go to primary school.

Of course, Da Bao did not enter the first grade and directly entered the third grade.

However, he had to pass the entrance examination first.

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Lu Heting and Su Bei would accompany him to the entrance examination the next day.

In order to meet Da Bao’s requirements and needs, Lu Heting found this school for him.
Many young talents in Jingdu University had come from this school.
The children in this school were all talented and extremely smart, so skipping grades was normal here.

Da Bao would be in a good place here.

Su Bei changed into a delicate-looking outfit.
She wore a long cotton dress that covered her long legs.
Her makeup was light, and her braids were casually tied.
She looked like a gentle mother.

Lu Heting was wearing the clothes that Su Bei had bought for him for a few hundred yuan.
He gave up his high-end custom-made shirt and suit.

The two of them looked just like an ordinary couple.

The only thing that stood out was that Lu Heting was very handsome.
Although he tried to keep a low profile, he was still dazzling.

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