o Gang Gang! Otherwise, you can’t leave! Hubby, stop her!”

Gang Gang’s father stood tall and strong in front of them.

What? Su Bei thought that she had misheard them.
It was one thing for them not to talk about their son bullying others but they wanted her to apologize as well?

“Let’s forget about it.
Madam, let’s all keep things friendly and move on from this.”

“That’s right.
It’s just a small conflict between children.”

Gang Gang’s mother said angrily, “What little conflict? If they don’t apologize now, what about my son’s dignity? Today, Su Zhuoqian and his mother must apologize to me.

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Su Bei stopped walking and turned to look at her.
“Otherwise, what will you do?”

“Otherwise, let Su Zhuoqian fight with Gang Gang.
If you win, we’ll apologize.
If we win, we’ll apologize to you.”

“That doesn’t sound right.
Gang Gang is almost eight years old.
Su Zhuoqian is only four years old.”

“That’s right.
Madam, this isn’t too appropriate.”

It was obvious that Gang Gang’s mother wanted to bully Su Bei and Da Bao.

Especially when she saw that Lu Heting was not here.
Without his oppressive aura, she was very brave.

Da Bao stepped forward.
“Are you sure?”

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“I know you don’t dare to fight, so you should just apologize to Gang Gang,” Gang Gang’s mother said domineeringly.

Anyway, her son was tall and strong.
He was not at a disadvantage at all.
Even a ten-year-old child might not be his match, let alone Da Bao.

“Okay, then.” Da Bao handed his pencil case to Su Bei.

“Wait a minute,” Su Bei called out to them.
“Why don’t we agree on a one-minute time limit? The match will end in one minute.
We’ll end it as soon as possible.
Otherwise, it won’t be good for both parties if someone gets hurt.”

Su Bei was thinking, ‘How dare you hit my son? Did you get my permission?’

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