I can tell that his parents are also cultured intellectuals.
They must be very well-educated, unlike others…”

Gang Gang’s parents were so angry that their faces had turned blue.
Meanwhile, Gang Gang was crying non-stop.
One of the parents, who was a doctor, could not stand it anymore.
They went forward to check on Gang Gang and said, “He’s not hurt.
It seems that Su Zhuoqian has a sense of propriety.”

At this, Gang Gang could not continue howling anymore.

Su Bei held Da Bao’s hand and asked, “Does your leg hurt? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m fine.” Da Bao expressed that he was fine.

He was calm as though he was not the one who attacked just now.

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He was indifferent to flattery and humiliation, not caring about anything.

When the young girls saw Da Bao, it was as though their eyes lit up with stars.

Gang Gang’s parents wanted to cause trouble again, but Lu Heting came back with water.

As soon as he appeared, it was as if he brought in a gust of cold air.
The clamor immediately died down.

Gang Gang’s parents’ imposing manner had also unknowingly dissipated.

Su Bei took the bottle of water from Lu Heting and handed it to Da Bao.
“Drink it.
You’ve worked hard.”

“Thank you, Su Bei.” Da Bao took the bottle and took a few sips.
Then, he handed it back to Su Bei.

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Su Bei looked at Gang Gang’s parents and said, “Shouldn’t you apologize to Da Bao and me?”

Lu Heting frowned slightly.
He had just left for a few minutes.
What happened?

“They bullied our son yet couldn’t beat him.
They need to apologize now,” Su Bei explained briefly to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting’s eyes darkened as he looked at Gang Gang’s parents.

He was not as burly and strong as Gang Gang’s father, but his imposing manner made the legs of Gang Gang’s father go weak.

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