n a low voice, ”Lu Gecheng's father loves his mother so much.
When I spoke to him before, he only looked at me and responded out of courtesy.
Only when I praised Lu Gecheng and his mother did his eyes show real emotions. ”

”But then again, Lu Gecheng's mother is really cute.
Haven't you noticed that she and Lu Gecheng have a pair of smiling eyes? ”

”Bei Bei, I missed you so much. ” Gun Gun hugged Su Bei's neck and said, ”I knew you'd come to pick me up.
Look, have I grown taller or stronger? I ate a big bowl of rice at noon.
Even the teachers praised me for being good. ”

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Su Bei smiled and rubbed his head.
”Hmm, you seem to have grown one centimeter taller.
You're indeed my Gun Gun! ”

After sending Gun Gun home, Su Bei still had work to do.

Gun Gun did not want her to leave.
Su Bei smiled gently and said, ”I'll be back early.
I'll be back as soon as possible. ”

Tonight was the first fashion show that Sheng Tang had helped her book.

It was a local brand that was not very large and Su Bei's task of walking the catwalk was not a tough job to do.
Hence, Tang Xinru and Yue Ze wanted Su Bei to use this event to warm up and prepare for the other shows.

Lv Shan came with Su Bei to help her get dressed.

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Su Bei's slot for the fashion show today was in the middle, so the pressure was relatively low.

She changed into the clothes that were given to her by the fashion show and waited for the designer to distribute the clothes they would wear on the catwalk later.

Among the models present today, Hao Jiali was also there.
Since the incident with YS last time, she had restrained herself and did not dare to go against Su Bei anymore.
She stood very far away from her.

She was in the same company as Su Bei, but Hao Jiali was only chatting with other models.
It was obvious to outsiders that she did not have a good relationship with Su Bei.

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