After walking around for a while, Lv Shan heard some news and came back.
She said in a low voice, ”Sun Man doesn't have anything urgent to attend to after this.
She just doesn't want to take the stage before the model who'll appear in the finale.
She's afraid that the model who'll appear in the finale will steal the limelight.
She also thinks that the clothes she'll be wearing this time don't look as good.
That's why she wants to change slots with you.
She came up with the excuse and planned this whole thing out. ”

Due to her friendship with Yue Ze, Sun Man did not even hide her scheme from anyone.
Just now, she was openly discussing it with her assistant.

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Su Bei knew what was going on now.
When Sun Man came over again, she smiled and said, ”I'm sorry, Miss Sun.
My agent, Yue Ze, doesn't object to me giving you my slot.
But I also have an event to attend after this.
Time is tight, so I can't give my slot to you.
I'm sorry. ”

Sun Man blurted out, ”Can't you just postpone that event? ”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Su Bei looking at her with a faint smile on her face.
She realized that she had said something wrong.
Since she could not delay her own event, she had no right to ask Su Bei to delay her event.

Since she did not get what she wanted, Sun Man flicked her sleeve and left.
She was no longer as polite as before.

Su Bei did not even look at her.

Sun Man stormed out angrily.
After a while, a new face appeared backstage.

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It was a young woman who was all dolled up.
She was not as tall as the other supermodels, but her temperament was not inferior to anyone.

She was obviously from a wealthy family.

As soon as she walked in, several people recognized her and greeted her respectfully, ”Hello, Miss Liao. ”

When Su Bei heard Miss Liao's name, she immediately turned around and looked at her.

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