she looked down on Su Bei.
Friends? She did not have friends who fawned over her.

The others around also secretly criticized Su Bei in their hearts.
She was able to become so popular and get so many resources because she was shameless.
The difference in her attitude toward Sun Man and Liao Xintong was too obvious.

Director Xiu came over and asked, ”Are you sure you want to exchange slots? Sun Man, are you sure you can pull off the clothes Su Bei is supposed to wear? ”

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”Yes, Director Xiu. ” Sun Man nodded.

Su Bei agreed.

Since it was not the opening or the finale, the rest of the sequence was not very important.
In the end, Director Xiu agreed and reminded Sun Man to perform well.

Sun Man smiled and said, ”Director Xiu, I'm not a newcomer anymore.
Don't worry. ”

However, she was cursing Director Xiu in her heart for being so naggy.

After Liao Xintong left, Lv Shan said in a low voice, ”Su Bei, why did you agree to swap your slot just because of Liao Xintong? She doesn't care about your resources or what happens during the fashion show today.
Her reputation is just for show. ”

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”I have a personal reason, Lv Shan.
I'm just following my heart by agreeing to her request. ”

Since Su Bei said so, Lv Shan had no choice but to accept it.

Su Bei knew that there was a limit to what she could do for Gun Gun.
In the future, Gun Gun would have to live with Da Bao.
Every little bit of genuine love from his family would make him happier.

Sun Man walked up to Liao Xintong and said with a smile, ”Xintong, you are the best.
I begged Su Bei for a long time just now but she didn't agree to my request.
Yet she agreed as soon as you showed up.
You can see that she's really a snob. ”

”Everyone's like this in the face of fame and fortune, ” Liao Xintong said meaningfully.
”It seems that Su Bei is not that capable, after all. ”

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