w him any respect.

Many people remembered that Lu Weijian had worked with Su Bei before and had a good relationship with her.

Everyone had thought that it was just a short cooperation and that they only claimed to have a good relationship to promote the game.

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When they heard him call out to her so affectionately, they realized that it was not a lie.

It was only then that everyone realized that if Su Bei had a good relationship with Lu Weijian, she did not need to fawn over anyone here.

When Su Bei said she considered Liao Xintong a friend and a friend of Liao Xintong's would be her friend as well, she was doing that to keep some of Liao Xintong's dignity.

What was Jin Youde in comparison? Jin Qiu, who relied on her family to survive in the entertainment industry, was nothing.

Director Xiu hurriedly tried to persuade him.
Weijian, don't be angry.
No one can force Su Bei to do something she doesn't agree with.
Don't you think so, Mr.
Jin? ”

”I'm sorry, Mr.
We didn't have any other intentions.
We just saw that Su Bei's slot wasn't good, so we wanted to swap with her so she could get a better slot.
But since she doesn't want to, we won't dare to pester her anymore… ” Jin Youde was quick-witted, so he immediately thought of an excuse.

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”Bei Bei can choose whichever slot she wants.
You can just give her the opening or finale slot. ”

Director Xiu immediately asked, ”Su Bei, do you want to have the opening or the finale slot? Just choose one. ”

The models who had the opening and finale slots also expressed their agreement.
As long as Su Bei was willing, they would be happy to swap with her.

Jin Youde's voice trembled as he said, ”Su Bei can have any slot she wants.
She can walk on the stage as long as she wants.
If you need anything from me, I'll do my best to cooperate. ”

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