Chapter 421 – One Must Be Kind

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Su Bei had already seen Cai Anying's photo.
To be honest, the lines on Cai Anying's face were very unnatural.
In the recent photos, Cai Anying had thick makeup and the photos were heavily edited.
Su Bei wondered what she looked like after removing her makeup.

In this industry, it would not be as easy as going under the knife.

Su Bei smiled magnanimously and said, ”What else can we do? There are lots of people outside who look like Lin Yu, Wang Yizhi, and even Su Huixian.
They're just newbies trying to gain popularity, so there's no need for us to bother ourselves with them.
The more you pay attention to them, the more they become popular.
Sister Lu, you know this better than me. ”

Su Bei was not the only one thinking this way.
Anyone with eyes could see the unnatural and stiff expressions on Cai Anying's face.


On the internet, Su Bei's fans also pointed this out bluntly.

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”The corners of her eyes are really scary.
You can even see the flesh. ”

”Are your lips permanently smiling? Why do you always smile regardless of your expression? Su Bei only smiles when she's happy. ”

”Your head is bigger than Su Bei's, right? Humans can change their facial features and even their bones, but they can't do anything about the size of their heads. ”

Cai Anying angrily retorted to a few of Su Bei's fans.
”As people, we have to be kind! I can pat my chest and guarantee that I've never done any plastic surgery! ”

Her defensive behavior quickly became a trending topic.

Although she received a wave of ridicule, it also helped her gain popularity.
At the very least, she was no longer a nameless nobody.
When people saw her, they would be able to call out, ”Oh, isn't this a knockoff Su Bei? ” There were even people who would call out the words 'Cai Anying'.

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Su Bei went to her fan club and asked her fans not to tear Cai Anying apart with their comments.

”We just need to be good and have a clear conscience.
What other people do is their own business.
Don't get into trouble because of me.
Love you guys! ”

With Su Bei's appearance, the fans quieted down and ignored Cai Anying.

Lu Heting naturally paid attention to this woman who was trying to gain attention.

In his eyes, this woman did not resemble Su Bei in any way.
If he had to point out something they shared in common, then it would be that she was a woman like Su Bei.
He could tell that she was indeed a woman.

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Lu Weijian came over.
”Brother, do you want to mess with this woman? She's too darn shameless and taking advantage of my Sister Beibei's popularity. ”

”No need, there's no need.
Even if we don't take action, there'll be others who will.
Let's observe first. ”

If this woman had not pulled a stunt like this, Lu Heting would not have even looked at her.

Of course, the more she acted like this, the sooner she would meet her doom.

Su Bei was busy with her work.

Tang Xinru and Yue Ze followed the terms of the contract and did not accept any endorsements or advertisements deals for Su Bei.
If she really wanted to take on short-term jobs, with her current popularity, she would be able to get a lot of jobs.

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That night, Tang Xinru displayed her true strength and helped Su Bei get a job for the opening show of a branded watch!

This was a high-end job that she had fought for Su Bei.
At the same time, it was an apology to Su Bei for Jian Ping snatching her YS clothes previously.

A high-end watch had always been as expensive as jewelry.

Participating in such a show would not only increase one's popularity but also allow one to enter the market of luxury brands.
It would lay a better foundation for one's future.

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