p>Lu Heting listened to the applause and smiled brightly.

His woman was deserving of this stage, so she deserved the applause.

After the show, it could be said that Su Bei had gained the favor of the brand and they were looking for her to take on an endorsement.
She would become the spokesperson for the Asian region.

The brand’s person-in-charge was about to mention this to Su Bei when Lv Shan suddenly fainted.

Su Bei was shocked and quickly went forward to support her before calling the emergency number.

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Lv Shan slowly regained consciousness and held her hand.
“It’s alright, I’m fine.
I just have low blood sugar.”

Lu Heting had just reached backstage.
He handed over a piece of candy.

Su Bei quickly unwrapped it and fed it to Lv Shan.
Only then did Lv Shan slowly recover.

“Didn’t you have dinner? You scared me!”

“I’m really sorry.
I was too busy to eat.” Lv Shan smiled and said, “We can go eat now.
Let’s drink and celebrate your success.”

“You still want to drink? Forget it, I’ll send you back first,” Su Bei said.

She held onto Lv Shan and said to Lu Heting, “Please send Sister Lu back.”

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Lu Heting went to drive the car over and Su Bei helped Lv Shan inside.

She asked, “Should I call your fiancé and ask him to come downstairs to pick you up?”

“No need, he’s probably busy,” said Lv Shan.

Su Bei did not seem to have seen him pick up Lv Shan even once.

Su Bei had never even seen him.

Lv Shan looked at Lu Heting with envy in her eyes.
It seemed that every time Su Bei had an event, he would try his best to make an appearance and would watch the performance from start to finish.

Many shows were complicated and long.
It would take hours from start to finish but Lu Heting would quietly sit in a corner and watch.

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