, he could not let her succeed.

“I’m just asking.
After all, she’s Gun Gun’s aunt.
I want to know what kind of person she is,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Lu Heting said solemnly, “I don’t like her.
It was the same in the past, it’s the same now, and it’ll be like this in the future too.”

Thinking that Su Bei wanted to clarify his relationship with Liao Xintong, Lu Heting explained seriously.

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Of course, even if Su Bei did not want to know, he felt the need to clarify.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Su Bei choked on her own saliva.
What did he think she was referring to?

Lu Heting tilted his head and looked at her seriously.
“I don’t like other women, Su Bei.
I only like you.”


This confession was not unexpected.
His everyday behavior and actions were clear enough.

However, Su Bei’s heart suddenly sped up and skipped a beat.

She even wanted to respond to him, ‘I like you too, Lu Heting.’

She really liked him.
She liked his calm attitude, his peaceful lifestyle, how he was a responsible father, his smile, his figure, the way he talked, the smell on him…

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She liked him so much that she could not control herself.

She liked him so much that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

However, reason quickly restrained Su Bei.
She smiled and said, “Ah, is that so? Thank you.”

Her nonchalant reply struck Lu Heting’s heart.

However, it did not matter… She was already his wife.
He would give her time and wait patiently for her.

“Ignore Liao Xintong.
Don’t let her bully you,” Lu Heting reminded her calmly.

This sentence answered Su Bei’s initial question.
It meant that Liao Xintong was nothing much.

If it were not for Gun Gun, Lu Heting would not be involved with her at all.

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