pression looking natural.
She appeared magnanimous and fearless.

Zhang Baozhen stepped forward and raised her hand to slap Lv Shan.

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However, before she could hit Lv Shan, Su Bei grabbed her wrist.

Su Bei pulled Lv Shan behind her and said, “What are you trying to do, Mrs.
Liang? Even if you want to hit someone, you should have a valid reason.”

Zhang Baozhen broke free and contemptuously said, “What reason do I need to hit a mistress? Everyone has the right to hit a woman like her!”

Liang,” Lv Shan said calmly, “You’ve misunderstood the whole situation…”

“What did I misunderstand? Do you dare to say that you’ve never seduced my husband before? The entertainment industry is really a place to hide dirt.
Female celebrities sleep all the way up, and even their managers are so filthy.
It’s disgusting!”

Liang, maybe we can sit down and talk.”

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Zhang Baozhen was furious, and her face was full of disdain.
“I have nothing much to say to a mistress like you!”

Seeing that she was getting worked up, Lv Shan said, “It doesn’t matter if you blame me.
That was four years ago.
I did get together with Mr.
Liang four years ago, but at that time, I didn’t know that he had remarried and didn’t know of your existence.
The public never knew much about him! I admit that I was in the wrong regarding that matter, but in the end, isn’t it his own fault? Instead of taking out your anger on me now, why don’t you go back and have a good talk with your husband?!”

“Fine, then you’re admitting that you’re a mistress, right? A mistress like you still dares to speak such high-sounding words.

Lv Shan laughed coldly.
“Please understand that I was pushed into being a mistress.
If I did something wrong to you in the past, then I’m sorry.
But now, I only have contempt for you.”

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