he photo album and showed it to Lu Heting.
“This was what Da Bao looked like when he was a baby.”

“Mhm, he had a high nose bridge since he was born.
He had long arms and legs, just like me.” Lu Heting’s voice was gentle, and so were his cold eyes.

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“This was Da Bao’s first birthday.
Lin Shitou and Feng Feifei were both there,” Su Bei explained as she flipped to each photo.

When she reached a particular photo, she guiltily skipped it.

It was because Feng Ze was in the photo.

A dangerous glint flashed across Lu Heting’s eyes.
Men would always be quick to react when it involved the appearance of their love rival.
Like ferocious lions, they would always be extra vigilant against opponents who wanted to invade their territory.

Since the time he saw the man that Feng Feifei was acting as, Lu Heting had known about the existence of that man.
He also knew that the man was his rival.

Seeing the man hugging Da Bao so intimately, Lu Heting had an unknown feeling in his heart.

Obviously, Da Bao was very attached to that man.

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Lu Heting and Su Bei were very close to each other.
He flipped through the photos while wrapping the woman in his arms.
He asked in a low voice, “What about this one?”

“Da Bao had a cold and a fever, so he had to go to the hospital.
To make him happy, I bought him a toy car.
This is the first time he dismantled the toy car and assembled it, so I took a photo of it to remember,” Su Bei said softly.

At the mention of that, there was a look of motherly gentleness in her eyes.

Lu Heting tightened his grip on the woman.

Back then, she was pregnant and had to give birth overseas.
She had to raise Da Bao by herself.
She went through so many hardships but he was not there by her side for any of it.

The pain in his heart slowly dissipated.
Lu Heting lowered his eyes.
“Su Bei…”

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