man in her 40s to have a body like that, which did not show any excess fat.

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“Miss Su, your manager, Lv Shan, ruined my family and is now pregnant,” Zhang Baozhen said.

“So?” Su Bei maintained her smile.
She was there during the incident that took place in the afternoon when Zhang Baozhen looked for Lv Shan.
Did Zhang Baozhen have any new ideas?

Zhang Baozhen smiled.
“I know that you’re very popular right now, and your career is on the rise.
You must value your reputation very much.
I’m sure that you don’t want a scandal about the people around you to affect your career.
Therefore, I’d like you to fire Lv Shan.”

Su Bei could not help but show a hint of amusement.
She pushed her long chestnut hair behind her shoulders and said slowly with a lazy tone, “Mrs.
Liang, from what I know, Lv Shan had unknowingly become a mistress.
Furthermore, it has been four years since she broke up with your husband.
She has a stable life now.
This child isn’t your husband’s.
She has nothing to do with your husband now.”

Zhang Baozhen took a sip of the coffee and put it down.

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She stared straight at Su Bei.
“Miss Su, I understand what you’re saying, but I just want to be sure of things.
What if her child is my husband’s? I don’t want this slight possibility to affect my life.”

“Are you saying that Lv Shan is still in contact with your husband?”

“I don’t dare to say that, but Miss Su, I might as well be honest with you.
My husband and I have agreed that we won’t be having any children, but if a mistress wants to use a child to interfere with my husband’s and my life, then I’m sorry.
She must abort the child!”

Su Bei’s expression was cold as she wiped off the smile on her face.
“Even if that child has nothing to do with your husband?”

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