in front of her away and left with her high-end bag.

Without waiting for Su Bei’s response, Zhang Baozhen posted a statement on Weibo.
“Mistress, wash your neck clean and await your death! Bloody pictures.jpg”

She was a socialite from the capital and came from a very prestigious family.
Now that she was married to Liang Hanwen, a big shot in the business world, she was very well-known and had quite a few friends in the entertainment industry.

Hence, her status and popularity were also very high.

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Her sudden post immediately attracted a lot of attention.
Everyone was interested in this kind of gossip news.
Many people left comments asking her who the mistress was.

Zhang Baozhen replied directly.
“She’s a popular starlet in the industry.
I won’t announce her name for now.
I hope that when she realizes her mistake, she can resolve the problem as soon as possible and apologize to me.
Otherwise, I’ll announce her name 24 hours later and let everyone know who she is!”

The big shot’s wife was blasting out the mistress, and the mistress was a popular starlet.
This immediately caused a huge sensation.

Everyone was cursing this unknown starlet.
At the same time, all sorts of polls were released.
Who was the star that was wrecking someone else’s family, becoming the center of attention?

Zhang Baozhen smiled at this scene.

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She knew all too well that tearing apart an ordinary manager would be too easy for her.

If she wanted to do this well, she would have to tear Su Bei apart to have the best effects.

Of course, this was just a warning she was giving Su Bei.
If Su Bei forced Lv Shan to abort the child, then she could be magnanimous and let the matter go.

As for what Su Bei and Lv Shan said about the situation, she did not believe a word of it.

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