>After unlocking the device, she immediately checked the records.

Indeed, she saw that her husband had called Lv Shan.

Zhang Baozhen was furious!

“Lv Shan, you b * tch! You said that you haven’t been in contact with my husband for a long time and that you two have completely cut off all ties! Go to hell, mistress!”

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Zhang Baozhen could not stand her husband two-timing her with this mistress, nor could she swallow this anger.

She initially wanted to meet Yue Ze and spare him some dignity by resolving Lv Shan’s matter without causing too much of an impact.

Right now, she was heading out the door but going in a different direction.
She completely forgot about her meeting with Yue Ze.

Zhang Baozhen made a call as she drove out.

When she arrived at Lv Shan’s neighborhood a while later, a few cars had already arrived and were waiting for her.

The men who stepped out of the cars were all tall and strong.
The leader was wearing a white coat, which made people think that he was a doctor from a hospital.

Liang, we’ve asked around.
Lv Shan is alone at home and there’s no one else there.
Moreover, it seems that her fiancé is also suspicious of the child in her womb.”

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“Hmph, even her fiancé doesn’t believe her.
How dare she tell me that the child is innocent? Indeed, a mistress would not say a single word of truth!”

Zhang Baozhen led her people straight to Lv Shan’s residence.

Lv Shan was sitting on the sofa, completely disheartened.

The phone rang.
She picked it up and realized it was Su Bei.

“Sister Lv, are you home? I’ll go see you in ten minutes,” Su Bei said.
She had bathed the two children and coaxed Gun Gun to sleep before driving out.
She did not bring Lu Heting along.

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