Chapter 457: Whatever I Say Goes

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However, Lu Heting still followed her.
Compared to accompanying Da Bao, Lu Heting still felt that his wife’s safety was more important.

Yue Ze immediately drove toward Su Bei.

He could not allow Su Bei and Lv Shan to fall into danger.

Zhang Baozhen sat in the car while Lv Shan sat in the back seat.
She had been kidnapped and could not struggle.

After they got into the car, they let go of her mouth and she could speak again.
She questioned sternly, “Zhang Baozhen, what exactly do you want?”

“Remove the vile spawn in your womb.”

“I told you, this isn’t Liang Hanwen’s child.
It’s my own child!”

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She wanted to say that the child was her and her fiancé’s, but when she thought of her fiancé, she did not think it was necessary to bring him up.

Zhang Baozhen refused to believe her.
“Mistresses are always shameless and ruthless.
They become worse when they’re pushed into a desperate situation.
Do you think I’ll believe you? The best solution for you is to abort the child.”

“Let go of me! What you’re doing is illegal!”

Zhang Baozhen was not afraid at all.

She was born into a rich family and had a lot of power.
Needless to say, Liang Hanwen was even more powerful.

It was justified for her to forcefully abort a mistress’ child.
Even if the news got out, everyone would be pointing their fingers at Lv Shan and not her!

What did Lv Shan have? She just had Su Bei’s protection.

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With something like this happening, Su Bei would be dragged into the water as well.
How could she protect her then?

The car soon arrived.
Lv Shan’s questioning turned into a bitter plea.

Tears streamed down her face.
She begged them to let her child go, but it was useless.

Zhang Baozhen was unmoved.
She got someone to bring Lv Shan to the hospital’s operating theater.

She had already arranged for a doctor.

Lv Shan was unwilling and kept struggling.
The doctor was obviously a little hesitant and said, “Mrs.
Liang, a surgery like this requires the patient’s signature or the signature of the patient’s family member.
If the patient doesn’t consent, we have no right to perform the surgery.”

“It’s fine as long as I say so.
Do whatever you want, I’ll bear the responsibility!”

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Zhang Baozhen said loudly.

She was already being merciful by not getting people to beat up Lv Shan till she miscarried!

The doctor was put in a difficult position.
However, this was a private hospital that the Zhang family had invested in.
All the doctors here relied on the Zhang family to make a living.
Zhang Baozhen had absolute authority here.

Offending her would not end well for the doctor.

There was no choice.
The doctor had to ask the nurses to start preparing.

Zhang Baozhen and her men pressed Lv Shan down to stop her from moving.

Lv Shan struggled desperately, but it was useless.
The doctor wore a mask and brought out the anesthetics.
He aimed the needle at Lv Shan and was about to inject her with it.

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Su Bei had quickly driven to the hospital.
Although she had called the police, they had yet to appear.

She could only rush in first.

Lu Heting’s car arrived at the same time as Yue Ze’s.
The two of them followed suit.

Su Bei rushed toward the operating theater and saw that the doctor was about to inject something into Lv Shan while Zhang Baozhen stood at the side.
There was no sympathy or benevolence on her face, only ridicule.

Zhang Baozhen had stepped forward and was staring at Lv Shan, personally overseeing the doctor injecting her with anesthetics.

Su Bei did not have time to think.
She rushed forward and pushed the doctor away.
She pushed Zhang Baozhen to the floor as well and gave her a slap.
Then, she pulled the man holding Lv Shan away and helped her up.

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