“I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it! Everyone, pay more attention to Su Bei’s runway show and strongly support it!”

“The commenter above, there truly are plenty of brainless fans.
Is there any point in defending her at a time like this? The official wife has already spoken, so how can it be fake? Can’t you see that the official wife even has pictures to prove it? Just look at Su Bei! She’s so fierce and even brought people to beat Zhang Baozhen up.
She’s really something.
Does she think she gets a free pass to heaven?”

“No wonder Su Bei’s resources have always been so good.
So it turns out she has someone like Liang Hanwen backing her up.”

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“I agree with the commenter above.
No wonder even Lu Weijian has to avoid arousing suspicion and call her Sister Beibei.
The entertainment industry is really confusing.”

“Shippers of Lu Weijian and Su Bei, don’t cry.
Please don’t let this news be real.”

“Shippers of Lu Bei and Su Bei are heartbroken.
We beg Su Bei to quickly refute the rumors.”

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!”

“Previous poster, you’ve gone too far.
How can you say that to such an arrogant mistress? You should let her… die without a proper burial!”

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Since Zhang Baozhen had already posted the statement and was openly targeting Su Bei, Lu Heting could not be bothered to meet Liang Hanwen anymore.

He sent a message to Lu Hang: “Tell Liang Hanwen to get lost.”

Lu Hang had already met up with Liang Hanwen, but when he received the new message from Lu Heting, he said to Liang Hanwen, “Mr.
Lu won’t be seeing you anymore.”

Lu doesn’t want to see me anymore?” Liang Hanwen was very disappointed even though he did not know why Mr.
Lu wanted to see him in the first place.

However, who would not want to build connections with the mysterious and cold Mr.
Lu of Lu Group?

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