being a chauffeur of Lu Group, nor was it something that could be learned from having such a position.
It just felt like he was born powerful and resourceful.

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“Lu Heting, you…” Su Bei was actually curious about how he managed to do all these things.

However, the words she wanted to say were a little difficult to formulate.
She did not know where to start.

“Hm?” The man looked up at her unhurriedly.
His hum had a nice ring to it.

Su Bei shook her head and changed the topic.
“Zhang Baozhen is a socialite, and her husband, Liang Hanwen, is a big shot.
That’s why she dares to disregard the law so fearlessly.
I’m afraid that if we just rely on some evidence to clear my name, we might not succeed.
We might even suffer from their retaliation.”

“You knew it was dangerous yet still rushed to help Lv Shan.” Lu Heting’s words were filled with affection.

Of course, he did not mind what Su Bei did.
In the end, he would deal with all her problems for her because he did not want her to hurt herself.

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“Because we’re friends.” Su Bei laughed softly.
“Perhaps to others, friendships are not all that important.
However, there was a time when my friends were more important than my own family.”

When she was in the orphanage and during the time she spent overseas, she did not have any friends.
Hence, she had always been alone.

Lu Heting’s heart ached for her.
He hugged her gently.
He did not mind her saying this, but in the future, he would be her family who was more important than her friends.

After Su Bei went to rest, Lu Heting called Yue Ze.

Yue Ze came out of Lv Shan’s place, thinking that Lu Heting wanted to talk to him about Su Bei.

“I’ve seen Zhang Baozhen’s post on the internet bashing Su Bei,” Yue Ze said, “Currently, the fastest and most effective way is to reveal the evidence we have.”

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