o admit that he was right.

Even if they quickly clarified that Su Bei was not a mistress, at best, it was only a temporary victory.

If the two of them continued to pressure Su Bei, as a mere artist, she would not be able to put up a fight.

Although Sheng Tang had always claimed to protect their female celebrities, would they bet on the future of the company to protect one of their female celebrities?

Yue Ze had also prepared for this.
“I have a personal relationship with Zhang Baozhen and I have connections in the industry.
After this matter, I’ll have a good talk with Zhang Baozhen and resolve this peacefully.”

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“But you don’t have full confidence.” Lu Heting pointed out.
“Even if you say you’re 99% confident, I won’t let Su Bei take a single risk.”

Yue Ze admitted that he was not very confident.
Who would dare say that their plan would be 100% successful?

He could tell that Lu Heting wanted a foolproof plan.
In fact, Lu Heting wanted not only to clear Su Bei’s name but also retaliate against the couple for bringing Su Bei harm.

Who exactly was this man in front of him? Where did his immense confidence and natural leadership skills come from?

This confused Yue Ze, who had seen countless people.

Yue Ze had no choice but to agree.

As Yue Ze drove away, he was still seriously thinking about the questions in his mind but could not find any answers.

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Forget it.
Since Lu Heting’s words made sense, as Su Bei’s manager, Yue Ze had the same interests as Su Bei and Lu Heting.
This time, he would choose to fight alongside Lu Heting!

Su Bei did not respond to Zhang Baozhen’s post.

Sheng Tang and Yue Ze did not suppress the news nor did they respond.

Su Bei acted as if nothing had happened.

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