ered her medical records.
It was only then she realized that the sky was already bright.

She crept out of the room.
Seeing that Lu Heting was still sleeping, she put on her clothes and went downstairs to buy him breakfast.

Like Da Bao, Lu Heting was picky about food.
She knew that there was a shop selling fried dough sticks and soy milk here.
The owner of the shop was someone from S Country.
Da Bao, who was born and raised in S Country, liked the food there very much.
Hence, Lu Heting must also like it.

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After buying breakfast, she hurried back to her apartment.

However, at this moment, a pair of eyes that had been staring at Su Bei the whole time secretly winked at the two people behind her.
Immediately, the two men in black went over to Su Bei.

Their movements were as fast as a ghost.
Before Su Bei could react, they covered her mouth with their hands.
The drug on the cloth quickly took effect on her and she fainted.
Then, she was taken to a car that was parked by the side.

“Take her away.
Don’t ever let me see her again.” A cold female voice spoke up at this moment, and it was full of hostility.

The two men in black were obviously stunned for a moment.
“Then how do we explain it to our boss?”

“What’s the use of keeping a woman who has no loyalty to the boss and will only hurt the boss?”

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The two men in black immediately drove away, leaving the United States to go to the country of Mexico.

It was the most chaotic region near the United States.
Every day, countless people would sneak into the United States to seek survival.
There were also countless vicious criminals who escaped from the United States and came to this chaotic lawless land.

Once Su Bei was sent there, there was almost no hope of her coming back—even if the boss made a move.

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