Chapter 493: Who Said She Can’t Be Found?

When her name was called, a hint of fear flashed across her face.

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“What’s the name of the person who received Su Bei?”

“Boss…” Lin En said in surprise.

Lin Yu was also surprised.

Obviously, Lin Yu did not expect that the person who ordered those two men to hurt Su Bei was Lin En, who had been responsible for taking care of Feng Ze.

Her loyalty was unquestionable.

However, Lin En knew that Feng Ze had already named her.
He was already suspicious of her loyalty to him.

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In front of Feng Ze, it was useless to defend herself.

“Boss, Su Bei doesn’t love you at all.
She’s not worth your effort.
You’ve done so many things for her, but she has never cared about your feelings.
Every time she’s with you, you’ll only get hurt.
She’s a scourge, so there’s no need for her to live in this world.
Since someone from Mexico has taken a fancy to her, then she…”

With a thud, a cold light flashed in Feng Ze’s hand as the dagger fell to the ground next to Lin En’s feet.

Lin En gritted her teeth.
Since Feng Ze did not do anything to her directly, she thought that he still cared about her.
Hence, she continued boldly, “She doesn’t like you, but she still wants to cling to you.
Now that she has returned to the United States, she wants to hurt you again.
I really don’t want to see you go through the pain for her.
She’s really not worth it! This time, you won’t be able to find her.”

She raised her head and looked at the sky.

She did not believe that Su Bei was more important to this man than her.

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In her heart, there was nothing more important than her boss.
He was a leader, a king, and the most masculine man in her heart.

“Who said we can’t find her?” A voice sounded from a distance away.

Soon after, a tall man strode toward them.
He was about the same height as Feng Ze, but his physique was stronger.
Both of them were equally handsome.
The man who had just arrived was colder, while Feng Ze was more neutral.

In comparison, one was like the blazing summer sun, making people afraid to look at him.
The other was like the clear night sky, cold and oppressive.

All of a sudden, a dazzling group of people appeared in front of them.
They did not know where to look.

“Lu Heting, you’re here at the right time! We have information on Su Bei’s whereabouts, but the scope is too big.
We don’t know how to start searching for her.” Lin Yu had always been hostile to Lu Heting.

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But Su Bei was in danger now and he could not bother so much about other things.

At this critical moment, Lu Heting was an ally.

Police officers were following behind Lu Heting.
It was obvious that there were not only people from the United States but also Mexico.

Military dogs followed them.
They were professional rescue dogs.
They had the ability to locate the whereabouts of people by relying on smell.
They were world-class rescue dogs.

While Feng Ze and the others were looking for news on Su Bei’s whereabouts, Lu Heting was busy gathering as many police officers, armed forces, and military dogs as possible by relying on his years of connections in the United States and Mexico.

Seeing this, the eyes of Lin Yu and the others lit up.
With such resources, it would not be difficult to find Su Bei.

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With a sneer, Lin En said, “I’ve already thought of this.
That’s why when Su Bei left, I used a special drug to remove her scent.
Even if all the rescue dogs in the world were brought here, they won’t be able to do anything.
Don’t bother wasting your energy.”

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