nd she could not escape anymore.

Su Bei tore off the inside of the shirt of the man who sent her here.
During the ride over, she had heard Lin En’s voice.
The man told Lin En complacently that he had already used a drug on her.
The scent on her body would not be detected by rescue dogs.

This was one of the few ways that Su Bei could save herself.
However, she also had to rely on the help of the rescuers and hope they would be able to find her.

All she could think of was Lu Heting.
She did not know why, but she believed that he would realize that she was gone and come to her rescue.

It was just like what he had done countless times before.

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He was her only light and hope…

After being forced to consume another drug, Su Bei felt very uncomfortable.
Fortunately, her hands and feet were no longer tied, so she could finally do something.

She was not good at fighting, so she could not compare to Feng Ze, Gu Xifeng, and the others.

Even so, she hoped that she could deal with the people in front of her.

While she was thinking, she heard a voice and a burst of malicious laughter.

Right after that, two men whose nationalities could not be determined rushed in with a bottle of wine in their hands.
While muttering about who would go first, they also talked about how smooth the Asian woman’s skin was.

Hearing this, Su Bei felt disgusted.
She lay on the edge of the bed, looking as though she was already under the control of the drug and alcohol.

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When the two men put down the bottles and came forward, she suddenly stood up and punched one of the men on the nose.

With her left hand, she raised an ashtray and hit the other man’s head with it.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” The two men were furious.

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