said in English.
He was about to ask the interpreter to speak when Su Bei walked toward the jewelry.

Obviously, she could understand him, which made Director Gibson feel relieved.

All kinds of jewelry of different styles were placed in front of Su Bei.
They each had their own charm to them and dazzled people’s eyes.
For a moment, she did not know which one she should choose.

As they only had ten seconds, many would just randomly choose one.

However, Su Bei was immediately attracted to a diamond ring.
Perhaps it was because she had already thought of giving such a ring to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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She chose the diamond ring.

Director Gibson said, “Use this to improvise until I tell you to stop.
Let’s start now.”

“Okay.” Su Bei nodded.

She knew that the director wouldn’t give her much time.
The people in front of her could only stay in the room for less than three minutes.
Most people wouldn’t have the time or energy to think about what poses they were going to show.

An improvised performance was a huge test for many professional actors, let alone models who were not professionally good at it.

The audition was indeed a little difficult.

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However, Su Bei had done some preparations for this audition.
She relaxed her mind.

She looked around and saw that there was a piano, a guitar, flowers, a computer, a table, a door, and a window on the stage.
They were all props that she could use.

She immediately put the diamond ring on the windowsill and lowered her eyes slightly as if she was waiting for something.
Then, her eyes fell on the window, and brilliant fireworks lit up in her eyes.

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