accompany you in your childhood because I had gastric cancer.
I was left without a choice.
But I know that you, Gun Gun, and Daddy… ”

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Da Bao’s eyes turned red, and his hands that were holding the letter trembled.

“Brother Da Bao? Brother Da Bao?” Gun Gun realized that something was wrong with Da Bao.
At that moment, he had a bad feeling.
Did something happen to Bei Bei?

Someone knocked on the door.

Da Bao was stunned, looking as though he did not hear anything.

Gun Gun went to open the door with a frown.
Lu Weijian was standing at the door with a bunch of food and toys in his hands.
As soon as the door opened, he picked Gun Gun up and said, “Baby, Uncle is here! Look, I brought so much delicious food and toys.
Uncle is so kind, right?”

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Gun Gun pouted, and his round face was full of sadness.

“What’s wrong? Who bullied you? Tell me, I’ll beat him up right now!” Lu Weijian had never seen Gun Gun so sad before.

“Brother Da Bao, Brother Da Bao…” Gun Gun couldn’t express what he was thinking right now.
In short, Brother Da Bao was very sad right now.
That intense emotion had gotten to him and made him think of Bei Bei, which made him cry.

“Did Brother Da Bao bully you?” Lu Weijian thought that it was impossible.
Da Bao was just like his brother.
He was mature, sensible, and intelligent.
How could he bully a child?

But thinking about how he himself was always bullied by his brother, it suddenly seemed possible.

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