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Lu Heting had already asked Lu Hang to park the car in the underground parking lot.
He went to get the car and went straight home with Su Bei afterward.

At this moment, there was no joy in the house.

Da Bao’s eyes were red and sparkling with tears as he sat on the sofa.
But he forced himself not to cry.

Lu Weijian was in a bad mood and crying non-stop.

Gun Gun’s round face was full of tears, but he still asked, “What’s heaven? Can I take a plane to heaven? Will Bei Bei come back to see us? Or can we take the plane to heaven to see her?”

Clutching his aching heart, Lu Weijian held Gun Gun in his arms.
His sister-in-law looked so healthy.
How could something like that happen? It couldn’t be!

What would happen to his two nephews and his brother in the future?

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More importantly, Lu Weijian could imagine that if his brother lost Su Bei, Lu Weijian would not have a good life in the future either.

Aunt Chen sat at the side, crying.
She had just found out what had happened.
She sat in the living room in a daze, feeling incredibly sad.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The house phone rang.
Someone was calling.

Could it be his sister-in-law? She must be fine, right? Lu Weijian rushed over and answered the phone.

It was Yue Ze.
“Is Su Bei here? I’m her manager, Yue Ze.
Please have her answer the phone.”

“What is it?” Lu Weijian asked, crying bitterly.

Yue Ze was stunned.
He looked down at his phone to make sure that he hadn’t dialed the wrong number.
He didn’t expect that the man who answered the phone would speak in a breathless voice in between sobs.

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