It was only then he realized that the other party had already hung up.

Lu Weijian didn’t think too much about the other party’s rude act.
He just threw himself on the sofa and hugged Gun Gun with tears in his eyes.

Gun Gun couldn’t get the answer he wanted.
When he heard Lu Weijian crying so pitifully, he also started crying.
“My Bei Bei…”

Click, click.

They suddenly heard the sound of someone opening the door.

The people who were immersed in sadness just a second ago all looked at the door.

The door opened, and Lu Heting’s tall figure appeared.
The light elongated his shadow, making him look a little lonely.

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He held two suitcases in his hand, while Su Bei was not in sight.

Lu Weijian couldn’t stand the sadness anymore.
He rushed over and hugged his brother.
He burst into tears.
If his sister-in-law hadn’t come back with him, did that mean she would never come back?

Gun Gun suddenly understood what Lu Weijian meant when he said that Bei Bei would never come back again.

Lu Heting was back, but Bei Bei couldn’t come back with him.
He would never see her again as he could not take a plane to heaven to see her when he missed her.

Gun Gun was petrified.
He opened his eyes wide, and tears trickled down his cheeks.
But he couldn’t cry out…

Lu Heting was speechless.

He quickly looked at Da Bao and Gun Gun.
They were fine.
What was wrong with Lu Weijian?

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“Brother, let’s live together in the future.
Don’t be sad.
I’ll always be with you in the future.”

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