ring his head, he kissed her lips.

As he inhaled the strong scent of alcohol on her breath, he did his best to restrain himself from going further.

The girl was barely conscious now.

If he did anything to her in that state, he would be just taking advantage of her.

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Therefore, he calmed himself down.

The lowest level of desire could be fulfilled through indulgence.

But the highest could be fulfilled only if he restrained himself at the moment.

He could wait.

By the time Su Bei woke up, she was surprised to find herself in bed until her mind gradually became clear.

Sitting up in shock, she remembered that it was Lu Heting who had taken her home and helped her change into comfortable pajamas.

She looked down and made sure she was indeed in her nightwear.
Except for that, nothing bad seemed to have happened.

Su Bei patted on her chest.
It had been a long time since she last had anything alcoholic.
Although she only had a little to drink, she did it because she was really in a bad mood.
She never expected that she would get drunk so easily.

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Turning her head, she saw a little post-it card on the bedside table.
The handwriting in it was both elegant and domineering.
“I bought you some hot porridge.
It’s in the kitchen.
The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with you, so you can have the porridge and drink lots of water after you get up.”

Su Bei was relieved.
As it seemed, Lu Heting was a gentleman and didn’t take advantage of her.

Staring at his handwriting, she thought it really reflected his noble personality.

Promptly, his handsome face popped into her mind.

After slowly eating the porridge, she thought about a few things and decided to pick up the phone to call Lu Heting.

She wondered if she had told him about Da Bao when she was drunk.

“Oh, hey.
I had to leave, but I’ll be back soon.
I have something important to tell you.” Lu Heting’s voice came through the phone, sounding particularly determined.

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