Please excuse us for a while.”

Tang Yue stood up, made a casual gesture, and walked out.

Yue Ze then took out the contract he had prepared for Su Bei and handed them each a copy.

As soon as Tang Yue left the office, she saw her mother walking toward her.

Tang Yue’s mother was Lin Shulian.
She had a dignified hairstyle and was dressed elegantly.
However, she looked a little haggard and anxious.

As soon as she saw Tang Yue, she held her hand and asked, “How is it? Have you look into Su Bei’s matters?”

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“I’ve looked into her, but there’s no news yet.
It won’t be that soon,” Tang Yue said.

“Then hurry up.
You don’t need to check her blood type or any other information.
You just need to know if she’s from the Su family,” Lin Shulian said, “If she’s not, then she’s most likely…”

When Tang Yue heard this, a trace of displeasure appeared on her face.
Ever since Su Bei entered Sheng Tang and her mother accidentally saw her photo, she had been thinking about Su Bei constantly.
She wanted to know about Su Bei, so her mother got her to verify Su Bei’s personal details.

Su Bei worked for Tang Xinru, so she didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

She had always been perfunctory with her mother.

Lin Shulian took out the photo and asked, “Look, doesn’t this look like her?”

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The photo showed a young Lin Shulian who looked somewhat similar to Su Bei.
However, Su Bei was more beautiful and vibrant, while Lin Shulian looked more feminine.

In the photo, the girl in Lin Shulian’s arms was smiling happily.
She had a pair of big dark eyes that seemed to talk.
Even though the photo was old, one could still see her liveliness.

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