ashion show.
When we thought you weren’t coming back, I gave one of the jobs to Hao Jiali and another to a newcomer.
If you want, I can help you get the jobs back.”

“Forget it.
I don’t need the things that have already been given away.” Su Bei flipped through the pages.
She could get a lot of jobs, so she didn’t want to take back what he had already given away.

“Okay, but you can change your mind anytime before tomorrow,” Yue Ze said.

He handed a business card to Su Bei and said, “If you want to buy some clothes, you can go to the mall and contact this shop to customize the clothes for you.
They’re a long-time partner of Sheng Tang.
They’ll accept all orders from our artists.”

“Is this the benefit of signing a long-term contract?” Su Bei reached out and took it.

“You can say that.” Yue Ze smiled.

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After signing up for the Top Ten Model Awards, Su Bei caused a small uproar.

There was a lot of criticism from the modeling industry about her return after a short absence.

She was one of the most competitive models this year.
Many models were relieved that she was leaving the industry.
They felt that they had one less competitor.

However, she came back without telling anyone and also signed up for the awards out of the blue.
This made many people feel that they had been fooled and deceived.
The cake was only so big.
Her sudden return to take a slice of it made many people unhappy and angry.

Su Huixian was so angry that she smashed the glass in her hand.

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Qiu Minxuan hurriedly asked her assistant to clean the floor.
She then comforted Su Huixian.
“Huixian, it’s okay.
Su Bei does her job half-heartedly..
She won’t last long, so she might not even be able to make it to the actual selection for the awards.”

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