didn’t think much of her strength at all.
How could she compete with him? Haha, she was really blindly confident.

In his heart, he thought to himself, ‘Is this woman looking for an excuse to give me a chance? Yes, she wants to be a wh*re, but she also wants to make herself look good.
She’s giving me a way out.
Look at her thin arms and legs.
How can she beat me? If she can’t win, she has to call me brother.
If she calls me brother, then…’

Lu Heting frowned slightly.
It was not that he didn’t trust Su Bei.
She must have her own reason for doing this, but what if the man hurt her?

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“Hubby, don’t worry.
It’s okay.” Su Bei smiled at him.
She had been annoyed by this rich second-generation heir for a long time now.
Just because he was rich, he used that to bully others.
This was a fair society.
Did he really think that he was a rich second-generation heir from ancient times who could do whatever he wanted?

Su Bei borrowed a pair of disposable gloves from a sales assistant and put them on.
Obviously, she didn’t want to have any unnecessary skin contact with this heir.

The cashier and the sales assistants were also amused.
They hurriedly came to watch the show together.
To be honest, they also hated this rich second-generation heir very much.
He often hung out in this shop, and when he saw beautiful women, he would go up to them to seduce them.
It was fine if the women were willing, but when the women were unwilling, he didn’t let them reject him.

To be honest, he was just relying on his money.
Most women had long been unable to tolerate his behavior and were hoping that someone could teach him a lesson.

The cashier and the sales assistants were both excited to meet this fearless Su Bei.
Finally, someone could teach him a lesson!

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