dom slept with her.
But these days, he had been sticking to her every day.

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Her son was still the best! Su Bei’s heart softened at once.

“I’ll be there soon!” Su Bei kicked off her slippers and walked into the room.
She smiled at Lu Heting and then closed the door cruelly.

The expression on Lu Heting’s face changed several times, but he still restrained himself.
After all, they were his wife and sons.

However, he still couldn’t help feeling a little bitter.
He had hoped that Da Bao, the mature and stable child, could influence Gun Gun so that he would sleep in his own bed.

He didn’t expect that after this incident, Gun Gun didn’t become like Da Bao but Da Bao became like Gun Gun instead.

With a sigh, he looked at the door of Su Bei’s room with a trace of loneliness.
After a while, he returned to his room.

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When he remembered that Su Bei had asked him for a photo, it washed away the desolation in his heart.

This childish exchange of photos was regarded as a big deal by Lu Heting.
He immediately took out his phone and planned to find a photo that reflected his temperament the most.

He opened the photo album and scrolled down.
He didn’t see any photos of himself on his phone.
There were only photos of Su Bei and Lu Bei, as well as two photos of Gun Gun and Da Bao.

It was only then that he remembered he didn’t like being in front of the camera.
The photos he had from when he was a child were very limited as well.

He could only take a few photos at the last minute.

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