ig smile appeared on Xiao Bai’s doll-like face.
“Su Bei, you’re amazing.
Dream is so famous for their jewelry.
And every piece of theirs is so romantic and beautiful.
When I get married in the future, I must wear their jewelry!”

Su Bei was also full of joy.
Getting this commercial would not only increase her status in the country but also on the world stage.

It would also greatly boost her chances of getting selected as one of the top ten models of the year.

This good news came at the right time.

Yue Ze and Director Gibson had agreed to meet in a restaurant in the evening.

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Yue Ze was there with Su Bei.
Director Gibson and his assistant were already waiting for them.
When Director Gibson saw Su Bei and Yue Ze, he still had that impeccable smile on his face.
He stepped forward and hugged them.
But this time, his smile was obviously more sincere than the last time.

Since Su Bei and Yue Ze both knew English, it was easy for them to communicate with each other.

While they were eating, a middle-aged man from S Country, who looked to be in his 40s, walked over.
He was a gentleman, and when he saw Director Gibson, he patted his shoulder.

Director Gibson turned around and laughed.
“What a coincidence to see you here, old friend.
Come, let’s have a drink according to the etiquette of S Country!”

“I didn’t expect to see you here either.
Long time no see, old friend!”

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Yue Ze said to Su Bei, “What a coincidence to meet him here.
This is Jiang Hong, a former model.
He was the first supermodel in S Country a few years ago and has a lot of influence internationally.
But he has retired.”

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