Chapter 543: A Little Tough

At a time like this, Jiang Hong and Su Bei’s meeting opened up a door of speculations.
There was no need for a written statement and no need for marketing accounts to use sensational headlines to influence netizens.
Everyone seemed to do their own thinking.

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This was the power of photos and the power of human imagination.

Immediately, these photos caused a wave of rumors.
The fake accounts, fans, and anti-fans came together and interpreted the photos in all sorts of ways.

[No wonder Su Bei announced her comeback at this time.
It turns out it’s because there’s such a good thing waiting for her! I’ll put it this way.
If Su Bei can enter the top ten, the organizing committee can forget about holding any sort of selections in the future.
They should just give everything to Su Bei!]

[This is too much.
When our idol is working hard, Su Bei only needs to drink a glass of wine and shake someone’s hand to get what others are desperately fighting for.
I can’t accept this.]

[Everyone, don’t talk nonsense.
This might not be what you think.
Perhaps they were just interacting normally.]

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[I agree with the person above.
Doesn’t everyone have the right to socialize?]

[Eat, drink, and interact in private? Who knows what kind of social interaction this is? Who knows if they later socialized in bed?]

[To think that I previously said Jiang Hong was a good man who loved his wife and children.
Who would have thought that he would be such a scumbag? He was just showered with compliments, but he has now fallen into such a state?]

[It’s unfair for Su Huixian, Minwen, Li Xuan, Hao Jiali, and all of Country S’s models.]

Tang Xinru, Yue Ze, and Jian Ping were talking in the office.

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“I heard that the list of judges is out.
They’re all fair and just judges.
They’re trustworthy.
For what follows next, we should just go according to the normal workflow and do our jobs well.
I believe in the decision of the judges,” Tang Xinru said.

Yue Ze nodded.
“Su Bei’s work arrangements are normal.”

“Hao Jiali’s work arrangements are alright, but…” said Jian Ping.

Jian Ping suddenly raised her brows and placed her phone on the table.
“There seems to be something off with Su Bei’s work arrangements?”

She was secretly delighted.
She never thought that Yue Ze would make such a mistake.
He brought Su Bei to meet a judge and was even filmed by someone.
In order to defeat her, Yue Ze had resorted to such unscrupulous means?

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Tang Xinru and Yue Ze’s expressions changed.
Obviously, this situation was unexpected.

Jian Ping knew that the things to follow would be a big test for Yue Ze.
She sighed regretfully and stood up.
“I’ll go back to work.
If you need my help, feel free to look for me.”

Tang Xinru asked, “What’s going on?”

“It was just an accident.” Yue Ze explained what had happened that night.

“Contact Jiang Hong and clarify the matter immediately.
However, it’s a little tricky to deal with this clarification.” Tang Xinru frowned.

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The affairs between men and women were the most eye-catching and the most talked about.
Even if the two of them stepped out to clarify the situation, outsiders would just be more suspicious.
They needed absolute evidence to convince the public.

She looked at Yue Ze, who frowned and said, “I’m afraid we can only ask Director Gibson to verify this matter.
However, he’s boarding a plane in two hours.
It’ll be hard to coordinate this.”

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