veryone here should just watch Su Bei’s commercial for Dream Jewelry, or you can also watch her audition tape.
Find the answer on your own.
They’re all available to watch on Dream Jewelry’s official website.”

Su Bei was a little surprised.
Hasn’t she just auditioned? How could there be a commercial?

Director Gibson smiled and said, “Su Bei, your performance during your audition was too beautiful.
I couldn’t forget about the music you played, so I edited your audition tape and it went into post-production.
We’ve made a commercial out of your audition.”

Under Su Bei’s surprised gaze, the big screen played Su Bei’s commercial for Dream Jewelry.

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At the beginning of the scene, there was a long mirror with two rows of fallen maple leaves.
In the room, the silhouette of a young girl could be seen.

As the camera zoomed in, Su Bei appeared in front of everyone.
She was waiting for something nervously but also happily.
Her face was filled with the shyness and longing of a young girl.
Her exquisite facial features and excellent bone structure were highlighted on the big screen.

What was rare was that when she was on the runway, she often had the aloofness and restraint of a model.
Her aura on the runway was very strong, but looking at the commercial, she made people feel that she was just a teenage girl in love.

As if she was feeling uneasy and anxious from waiting, she subconsciously looked for something to do.
Hence, she lifted the piano cover in front of her and sat down.
Her slender fingers landed on the piano keys.
As she imagined the arrival of her lover, she played an unfamiliar but extremely pleasant tune.

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She looked out the window as if the love of her life was slowly making his way down the path.

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