ion to Su Bei before.
I only looked at those models who had already gained a foothold in the entertainment industry.
But their abilities are indeed inferior to Su Bei.”

“Anyway, regardless of other people’s auditions, I’m quite convinced by Su Bei.
After watching the commercial, I want to buy my fiancée a wedding ring from Dream Jewelry.”

Su Huixian secretly squeezed her fist and thought to herself, ‘Damn it! Director Gibson personally clarified the matter for Su Bei.
Luckily, I came prepared.
Otherwise, I’d be trampled by Su Bei from now on.’

Seeing that everyone was almost done discussing, Director Gibson said, “The reason I came to S Country this time was to tell Su Bei about this.
When the photos were taken, it was indeed me and my assistant.
Su Bei came for the meal with her agent, Yue Ze, as well.”

Since Director Gibson had already said so and the commercial was indeed quite good, naturally, no one would talk about Su Bei and Director Gibson anymore.

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However, Director Gibson changed the topic and said, “That night while we were eating, an old friend of mine walked over and stopped for a moment.
I didn’t expect to be caught by the paparazzi.
My old friend’s name is Jiang Hong!”

As soon as he said this, everyone immediately understood that Director Gibson was clarifying yet another one of Su Bei’s recent scandals!

Not only was he explaining himself but he also wanted to clarify Su Bei and Jiang Hong’s relationship!

Director Gibson said, “I believe everyone knows that Jiang Hong and I worked together many years ago and are friends.
That night, Su Bei and I were having dinner together.
Jiang Hong and his family were also having dinner at the same hotel, so he came over to greet us..
Out of courtesy, Su Bei exchanged a few words with him.”

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