e again allowed her to see how evil humans could be.

Indeed, they were a family that was willing to do anything for benefits.

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“I didn’t want to talk about this at first.
After all, this is a huge scandal.
As a man, my first wife actually gave birth to a daughter who isn’t my own flesh and blood.
This has always been a huge scar in my heart.
Moreover, my first wife jumped off a building to commit suicide out of guilt.
I shouldn’t be ruining her reputation after her death, but this daughter of mine has no feelings for me at all.
She doesn’t even respect me.

“Everyone here can clearly see what kind of attitude she has toward me.
If you check, you’ll also know that she ran away from home as soon as she reached adulthood.
She never intended to acknowledge me as her father…

“And just like that, she continued to slander my current wife and daughter.
As a husband and a father, I really can’t continue to see Su Bei destroy our family while hurting my wife and daughter.
Hence, I’m here today to expose my family’s disgraceful history and cut ties with Su Bei.
In the future, she won’t be my daughter and I won’t be her father.
We will no longer have any relationship with each other.

“The DNA test report is proof.
Everyone, please forgive me for taking up your time.
I was forced to make this choice when I was pushed into a corner.

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“Su Bei, you’re already an adult and you don’t need me as your father anymore.
However, I once really treated you as my daughter.
I hope that you can behave yourself in the future and stop being so willful and making mistakes!”

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