r>She could rest in peace in the afterlife.

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Su Xingfu stood in the crowd with his back hunched.
He never thought that he would be beaten like this in his life.

The chatter around him pierced his ears like needles.
The accusations were more than he had ever heard in his life.

Su Bei raised the evidence in her hands and said, “Su Xingfu, Xu Zhiqin, my mother committed suicide back then so I can’t hold you responsible.
However, even though you didn’t kill her, she died because of you.
The sins on your bodies will never be erased! You will forever be burdened with such sins.”

Madam Wang, who was arguing with Su Bei earlier, saw that the situation was not right and turned to run away.

However, she was caught by the bodyguards hidden among the reporters.

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She arrived in front of Su Bei.
Without waiting for Su Bei to speak, she said in a panic, “Forget about my matter.
Let’s not talk about the past.
I’ll let bygones be bygones.
Let me leave.”

“Let bygones be bygones? Do you really think I’m that easy to fool?” Su Bei asked.
The light in her eyes was cold and could inflict harm.

No one could hurt the people she cared about!

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said such things.
Please let me leave.” Madam Wang wanted to escape but was held tightly by the bodyguards.

Su Bei parted her red lips and said to Madam Wang without any emotion in her eyes, “Wang Xuelan, 53 years old this year.
She started washing feet in a spa when she was 16.
Until now, she has had 12 miscarriages recorded in the hospital but she has never married.
Where’s her husband? How did my mother get involved?”

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