qin was a little unhappy.
In fact, although this big show was to clear her and Su Huixian’s name, the main purpose was to do it in front of Du Changwei and Sun Jingping.

The Du family was richer and more powerful than the Su family.
Xu Zhiqin wanted to gain the Du family’s approval so that Su Huixian’s marriage could be held as soon as possible.

Du Luo smiled and said, “They’re busy today, so they specially asked me to pass this gift to you, Auntie.
I hope you won’t take their absence to heart.”

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping had indeed always looked down on Xu Zhiqin’s status as a mistress.
They had always been rather cold toward Du Luo’s marriage to Su Huixian.

However, they did not know about Su Huixian changing her age, nor did they know about the farce that happened tonight.
They only wanted to get everything over with.

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Xu Zhiqin took the gift.
“You’re too kind.
Your parents are so busy and hardworking.
They’re really worthy of being role models for the younger generation.
No wonder the Du family has been developing so steadily.”

“Auntie, where’s Huixian?” Du Luo asked.

Xu Zhiqin smiled and said, “Su Bei seems to be an event next door.
Huixian and her father are there to support her.
No matter how willful Su Bei is or how bad she is, she’s still a member of our Su family.
We can’t just ignore her completely.”

Upon hearing that Su Bei was here, Du Luo immediately recalled that during this period of time, Su Bei has gotten involved in plenty of scandals.
The scandals involved Jiang Hong and Director Gibson.
There was also a woman who stepped forward to criticize Su Bei’s mother.

He immediately became worried.
He didn’t know how Su Bei was handling the matter.
If they were not handled properly, she would be dragged through the mud and it would be hard to turn the situation around.

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